In order of priority:

1. Watch lots of SCTV… It’s on the air!


2. Install Paypal’s “Pay in 4” as an *additional* option with Paypal Credit.  And choose buttons for both that help customers understand the differences.  The Paypal people tell me these buttons exist.

UPDATE as of Tuesday 10/27:  Spoke to Paypal.  Paypal Credit is a line of credit and for purchases $99+, whereas Pay in 4 is only an installment plan for a given purchase with no further credit beyond that.  I’m wary of offering too much choice, but these are distinct differences and it could be worth installing both, particularly if the available website buttons help buyers understand the basics.


3. Fully integrate the DSV website and my Mailchimp account with all the possible configurations, including adding website visitors to my Mailchimp account audience as much as possible. Currently only website visitors that use the “subscribe” function get added to the Mailchimp account audience; I’d like to ensure that people who purchase the hitting trainer or practice net also get added. And if possible, that all people added to the Mailchimp audience get tagged appropriately using tags I have created within my Mailchimp account.


4. Worth discussion, but I’m thinking I’d like to add prominent incentive messaging to the email subscribe function, e.g., that they’ll get 10% off their next purchase or something like that. So far my ad campaigns have driven a good amount of traffic to the site, and it would be cool to capture something from them. Maybe this one’s as simple as changing the CTA text from “Join Our E-mail List!” to “Join Our E-mail List and Save 10% on Your Next Order!” or something like that.  (Not sure I want to give 10%!)   Ideally with display that’s less overwhelming than that sounds.


5. Add payment type on website and email purchase confirmations. Per your previous comment, this requires outside PHP coder help, so it’s further down the priority list.


Here are a few other potential items I’m thinking about…

  • Fleshing out shipping options beyond the flat-rate stuff, especially for destinations outside of the continental USA. Is there a way to integrate my carrier accounts (UPS, Fedex, etc.) to generate real-time shipping rates for people within checkout?
  • Whether and how to message people that bounce from the site without doing anything. Is it worth some sort of pop-up or whatever that says, “hey, before you leave, consider this offer xxx.”



  • I watched Mrs. Falbo’s Tiny Town again, both the episodes with G. Gordon Liddy teaching the kids about the letter “G,” and also the one where Mrs. Falbo and Mr. Messenger visit the Melonville Maximum Security Prison to teach the kids about the letter “P.”
  • Landing page template… And it looks great!
  • “Gallery” page that includes *all* the photos and videos in one place, so that visitors can browse as they like.