Improve Your Volleyball Hitting!

Hit harder, faster with the DynamicSpike Volleyball Hitting Trainer

Click the video to see the DynamicSpike Volleyball Hitting Trainer in action!

What is the DynamicSpike Volleyball Hitting Trainer?

It’s a lightweight, portable volleyball hitting trainer / volleyball spike trainer that helps you hit & spike with more power & accuracy!

Hit harder, faster with DynamicSpike!


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Only $299.99! 329.99!

Improve your volleyball hitting!  Gain more confidence! Play your best individually & with your team!

More about the DynamicSpike Volleyball Hitting Trainer…

The DynamicSpike Volleyball hitting trainer
Hitting and digging with the DynamicSpike volleyball trainer

Improve your volleyball hitting!

Hone your footwork, timing, arm swing, & ball contact. Focus on these fundamentals helps you hit and spike with more power & accuracy.

Gain more confidence as a volleyball player!

Hitting… digging… passing… setting… Improve all the skills you need to play your best, individually and with your team.

See it in action!

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On Sale!

Only $299.99! 329.99!

Read What Our Customers Are Saying…


“My daughters hit MUCH harder after practicing with this.”

—Stanton, Nebraska


“My girls love this… Have seen improvement in their swing right away.”

—McDonald, Ohio


“Helped my daughter with footwork & fundamentals.”

—Lakewood, Colorado


“Cool product. Kelly now practices at home also. ”

—San Jose, California


Key features

  • Holds volleyball in static position to allow focus on fundamental footwork, timing, arm swing, & ball contact
  • Holds 3 volleyballs with auto-delivery for continuous hitting
  • Train solo or with teammates
  • For all ages and skill levels
  • Lightweight, rugged construction with safe, durable plastics including Seaboard® HDPE. Designed for indoor and outdoor use in any weather.
  • Fits in standard size basketball rim (double rims, too)
  • Easy assembly

Need more info?

Read the product FAQs.

Coaching tips

Top coaches and players share coaching tips to help YOU improve!

  • how to hit harder
  • the importance of footwork and arm swing
  • versatility as a player
  • sportsmanship


DynamicSpike can help you improve these skills!

The best volleyball hitting trainer for the money!

Girl practices hitting with the DynamicSpike Volleyball hitting trainer
Girl spikes the volleyball using the DynamicSpike Volleyball trainer
The DynamicSpike Volleyball hitting trainer with blue foam arms
The DynamicSpike Volleyball hitting trainer is lightweight
On Sale!

Only $299.99! 329.99!